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I am a software engineer, who mainly works on web development. I have at least 3 years of experience in backend development using Node.js and Laravel. For frontend development, I specialize mainly in React.js and have intermediate experience in Vue.js. I also have hands-on experience in Docker, Kubernetes, and Deep Learning/Machine Learning. I love to build scalable and maintainable software and always prioritize good software architecture in software development. I am always eager to learn new technologies and concepts depending on requirements.

What I can offer:

  1. Architect and develop web apps both backend and frontend.
  2. Can also work on Deep learning/Machine learning projects if needed.
  3. Setup and Deploy web apps on Docker, Kubernetes and DigitalOcean droplets.
  4. Research about new technologies to solve particular problems.

Backend Engineering

I have at least 1 year of experience working with PHP(Laravel) and over 2 years of experience with Javascript(Node.js). I can also design and solve business problems with following data storage technologies.

I am happy to learn any frameworks, programming languages or technologies as a whole that will help in solving business problems. What I can offer for backend engineering includes:

  • Designing the overall system architecture for web applications.
  • Developing the backend system using Node.js and Laravel.
  • Refactoring existing backend code by improving readability, separating concerns into separate classes/functions/modules, decoupling business logic from request/response layer or framework-specific functions into separate modules. Changing layered architecture into modular architecture for ease of splitting monolithic app into micro-services.
  • Database schema design, including SQL and NoSQL to satisfy business needs.
  • Working with APIs, including integration with third-party APIs, RESTful API development and GraphQL development.
  • Writing unit tests and integration tests
  • Containerization of web applications using Docker and deploying multiple services using Kubernetes and Nginx load balancer.

Frontend Engineering

I have built 3 enterprise-level web apps and 2 websites (including this one) using React.js. I also have experience in building 3+ small to medium sized applications using Vue.js. Even though I am not as experience in Vue.js as React.js, I can transfer my knowledge regarding with architectural patterns and principles from React. Thus, I believe that I can build quality apps with both frameworks. I can also setup PWA using above mentioned frameworks. I am currently a fan of writing pure components and developing in redux architecture

On the frontend-side, I can help you with:
  • Development of enterprise level applications with React.js and Vue.js.
  • Refactoring codebase to implement Redux architecture and pure components, for better maintainability, separation of concerns, and thus, faster development speed.
  • Adoption of design systems and integration with their components library, such as Carbon,
  • Writing unit tests and behavioral driven tests.
  • Deployment of static websites, SPA, and PWA using containerization technologies or web server.
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